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Coming Back Home

Posted on 2008.02.19 at 15:41
I and the Common Plants members creating a Roots/Routes journey with “Mercedes Bravo” in her native Cuba returned home, to Toronto, in the early hours of February 19, 2008.

All week, working with “Mercedes” to collaboratively create a collage of text, images and audio that explore her journey home, we shared an ongoing joke: for so many years so many people have been asking, praying, hoping for change. To that we added: just don’t let it happen this week. Wait till Tuesday morning when we’re home.

At 3 a.m., our heads hit our respective pillows after a relatively easy egress/ingress, flight and passage through Immigration. Of course, nothing was simple. There are always dramas and new chapters in the telenovela of travel in and out of Cuba. This time there are stories about travel in and out of Canada too.

We all slept fitfully. We chalked it up to an emotionally exhausting week of discovering, uncovering, recovering bits and pieces, of extracting fact from nostalgic imaginings.

Then, over bleary eyed morning coffee, we turned on the Internet to fact check something on a news site and were stunned to read that at 5 a.m., the Cuban government had released a letter announcing Fidel Castro’s resignation as President of Cuba.

This is not the place for political meanderings. This is not the time for me to try to think clearly. Lack of sleep and a week long sensory overload have taken their toll.

And this is not the blog entry I thought I would write upon my return.

But so it goes. For today, other than remarking on this, um, remarkable occurrence and its strange synchronicity all I can muster is that, as usual, time and weather alter the landscape.

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