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The North

Posted on 2007.08.14 at 09:35
Sitting in the rain and fog of an Iqaluit morning (currently +5 degrees celcius) and about to head north.

Yup. North of Iqaluit.

To Pond Inlet at the north eastern tip of Baffin Island. Land of Mittima. With Jolene and Myles. Jolene is doing a Roots/Routes journey home and Myles is continuing to document "common plants" for Common Plants, comparing the tiny tundra flowers to the tiny desert flowers in Namibian and SOuth Africa's Namaqualand.

Oh...and for those of you wondering where Ashley is, Ashley, who lives on three continents and a multitude of cities, is on the website at "The Ashley Plays".

Not sure if there will be blogging capabilities in Pond for us, but that's what, um, paper and pencils are for.

And now I need to go put on mosquito repellant.

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